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September 10, 2016


fearless flipping 

in the frying pan

and fire!

sweet sorrow 

August 28, 2016

oh the anguish of 

inevitable farewell 

when one has

watched the fragile beauty of 

your delicate decline 


August 25, 2016

intrepid only goes

as far as

you cannot see


August 24, 2016

upon opening 

the door of your day

how shall you 

greet yourself 

strayaway child

August 16, 2016

how would it be 


simply cradle yourself 

when you feel like

a child who 

wants to run

beholder’s eye

August 14, 2016

there is

plenty of beauty

In things not pretty

the best advice 

August 13, 2016

a simple conversation 


have with one’s self

it is all right for you 

to be

where you are right now