About Strange Bird

Welcome to Strange Bird. Find here musings on what many experience as the ordinary moments of life, of which I believe there are none.

In this space, find photos of whatever is coming to my attention, combined with words and sounds to create an idea.  You might share that idea with me as you observe, or you may notice something entirely different, and share that with me in a comment.  It’s all part of our collective awareness in and of the present moment.

“Strange Bird” is an inspiration coming out of the discovery of the uniqueness of all life, in us and around us. The “Strange Bird” found in the header picture of this blog was taken at the top of Mount Craig in North Carolina. It is symbolic of the moment of discovery which occurs when one  is  truly present. We fully intended to hike up Mount Mitchell, but through a set of unique circumstances, hiked up Mount Craig instead. There at the very summit was perched a lone bird. It sang the most beautiful song from its perch of solitude, as we watched and listened in a bewildering, peaceful moment.

I used to think that people change. Then I shifted to thinking that things change. Now I don’t really think anything changes or doesn’t change. I just think that we shift our awareness. Is that change?



14 Comments on “About Strange Bird”

  1. Silver Says:

    Love your blog! I am a low tech girl so have no clue about the setting up of such things but enjoy the pictures and writing of others! Lammas, I get so caught up in the daily routines I need reminding of the deeper more spiritual things… Lammas the christian name for summer soltice and celebrating the first harvested fruits. I hope you made a corn dolly!
    Talk soon
    Shanti Silver

  2. quotes Says:

    You have quite an interesting collection of friends and interests in your sidebar. I have a friend in Scottsdale Arizona who does NLP related things.

  3. slacker Says:

    Beautiful writing. I will be back

  4. knowledgetoday Says:

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  5. Romayne Says:

    Phil, I appreciate your site and you so very much. I see we even more in common than I realized. I love people who try to see the essence of something instead of always judging b thaetween right and wrong, whatever that is. It was a pleasure to meet you and to enjoy voice together. I will vist your site often now. It’s wonderful to have met the person behind the lens and the words. I so agree with your observation that we shift our awareness. That’s all. For me, it isn’t change. It’s the eye, th

  6. Romayne Says:

    I accidentally clicked before I was finished. Yes, it’s the eye, or the looker who sees new. My journey as a singer has taken me through all these wonderful steps. That has been a joy right along with the singing discoveries. For me, the artist’s work is of a philosophic nature. Discovery comes when one is empty, without preference. We can only truly see or discover when we simply look without bias, wtithout partiality. I’m happy to have met you and discovered some of your work. Romayne

  7. girlgeum Says:

    You must really love the park, or is it the walk? 🙂

  8. pcadams Says:


  9. I don’t know what changes, or doesn’t. I guess awareness must change, but I guess that it doesn’t “have” to. I happened upon your blog somehow, and it has a mighty fine header, which I noticed right off. On my bike rides to work, I often notice strange birds sitting in the tops of trees.

    Well, I’m glad I wandered by your tree!

  10. Charnita Says:

    My favorite Blog 🙂

  11. Amber Says:

    Phil! I’m happy I came across this blog today, as I think I am a former student! I hope you are well and happy!!!

  12. susie & scott robertson Says:

    Phil? Is that you? My voice teacher? It’s Susie Stewart-Robertson. I miss you and love you and I’m glad to see you’re still in love with life!

  13. Taru Fisher Says:

    I like your take on nothing really changes; just our awareness. That has also been my experience these past 68 years of life. I find your blog refreshing amidst the noise and clamor of the internet and the hurried pace of where I live right now. Thank you.

  14. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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