The Space Between



dutch iris



the space between

the shape you’ve taken

and the shape i’ve taken

feels very different

and there’s nothing to say about that

the space between

the way you radiate

and the way i hold tightly

appears in stark contrast

and what can be said about that

the space between

your color

and my color

sometimes hurts my eyes

and i’m not sure anyone could say anything about that

Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between

Be well, and at peace,


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4 Comments on “The Space Between”

  1. ram0ram Says:

    dear and divine….. fine poem of beauty….love all.

  2. Beautiful pictures, and an amazing choice of a song!

  3. pcadams Says:

    Thank you, ram. Peace, Phil

  4. pcadams Says:

    Thank you. Peace, Phil

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