Looking at Buds




the problem with buds

is that when i

look at them


propulsion into the future

of possibilities

and sometimes

i don’t know what to

do with that

Unfold – Jason Mraz

And the words retreat, yeah they breathing histories still at ease into stories untold

And my arms unfold.  ~J. Mraz

Be well, and at peace,


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6 Comments on “Looking at Buds”

  1. Patti Ross Says:

    Great shots, as usual. I love the possibility you have captured in picture and verse.

  2. pcadams Says:

    Thanks, Patti. Peace, Phil

  3. thor27 Says:

    Good photos very nice indeed !!!

  4. You must have a beautiful yard. I should do a similar post, dandelion, hmmm I can’t name my other weeds. We seem to kill flowers, at least some of our azaela, see I can’t even spell that, bushes are still alive.

  5. pcadams Says:

    Rufus, our tiny yard is like me. Wild, impetuous and secretive.

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