Coming Back Home to What We Left Behind

Amazing how we can allow that to happen when we

step out of time

allow the universe to

open up in

one tiny place and


what you thought you had left

was there

all along



Ubi Caritas (Duruflé)

Be well, and at peace,


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5 Comments on “Coming Back Home to What We Left Behind”

  1. shellriver Says:

    Love the shapes and colors of the flowers. Is the flower in the second photos also a tulip? It’s beautiful!

  2. pcadams Says:

    shellriver, they’re all tulips. I think my favorite spring flower…for now. Peace, Phil

  3. Delirium Says:

    Truly amazing!

  4. Patti Ross Says:

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images. They remind me of some of Georgia O’Keefe’s work. I really like one of her quotes: “Nobody sees a flower—really—it is so small it takes time—we haven’t time—and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” You help us see. It is nice to come home to nature–that is always there for us. Happy Earth Day!

  5. pcadams Says:

    Thanks, Patti. Someone else told me that these photos look like O’Keefe paintings too! Thanks for the quote. It is good to take time to look at a flower. Peace, Phil

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