Sooner or Later

This morning I became aware of my distress at the state of our magnolia blossoms after a rainstorm last night.

As the water engulfs me, what can I do with my own vulnerability?

The petals can’t be picked up off the pavement.

Let them rest.

Weep You No More Sad Fountains – Patrick Doyle

Be well, and at peace,


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5 Comments on “Sooner or Later”

  1. echohesiyu Says:


  2. ahmadblues Says:

    I love the idea of water on the flowers and the lighting suits it too!

  3. pcadams Says:

    Thank you. Peace, Phil

  4. We’re not lucky enough to have magnolias in our yard. But we do have a great tulip tree. We had someone set fire to a pile of leaves right next to it (composting trucks come and get leaves on the curb.) Thankfully, a neighbor saw and was putting it out as I pulled into our drive. We lost some blossoms, but the tree wasn’t destroyed. We would’ve hated to lose that. It’s our first sign of spring each year.

  5. pcadams Says:

    Everyone has a sign of spring that they wait for. Peace, Phil

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