Spring’s Kiss

The first one always has a special quality.

How can anyone be cynical with a tulip?

Tip Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me

Be well, and at peace,


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9 Comments on “Spring’s Kiss”

  1. Beautiful 🙂
    Spring is always special a time where nature seems to come alive in so many ways even though it always is 🙂
    Bye bye
    The English Sisters

  2. pcadams Says:

    Thank you, Violeta. I agree! Peace, Phil

  3. Lindalva Says:


  4. dogear6 Says:

    I love the colors and the details!


  5. pcadams Says:

    Thanks, Nancy! Peace, Phil

  6. ahmadblues Says:

    Is it me or does the 5th one remind you of marbled paper?

  7. pcadams Says:

    Yes, it does! Peace, Phil

  8. nice details! love the two flower kiss 🙂

  9. pcadams Says:

    Me too! Peace, Phil

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