Photo Shoot–Erin, Quinn, Alea and Kye

I had so much fun working with Erin West and her three amazing children today.  Once we got warmed up, the easiest (and evidently best) thing to do was let the kids decide how they would pose.  They had lots of great ideas!

Actually, the idea of the fountain fun at the end was from the biggest kid of all–Erin!

Thanks, all four of you.  What fun we had.

Be well, and at peace,


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3 Comments on “Photo Shoot–Erin, Quinn, Alea and Kye”

  1. Jay Jackson Says:

    Tremendous pictures of a photogenic family! Erin and her oldest – what look-alikes.

  2. contoveros Says:

    The eyes have it! They twinkle and shine like drops of water from the fountain of Life. Nice work, Phil.
    Great subjects.

    michael j

  3. pcadams Says:

    Thanks, Jay and Michael, for your kind words.



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