Moments of Peace in Indiana

How did they happen?  Well, they just did.

Doris' ever-present knitting

lunch with Susie at Mogger's

discovering insect eggs on an ancient cactus

Mom delighting in her babies

Sarah chooses not to bark!

butterfly frenzy in the enormous zinnia garden

a sweet finish to a delicious meal

J.S. Bach: “Dona Nobis Pacem” from MASS in b minor, BWV 232 (Robert Shaw conducts)

No need to ask.  It’s already here.  Just notice it.

Be well, and at peace,


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4 Comments on “Moments of Peace in Indiana”

  1. contoveros Says:

    Keep the pie and the dogs, Phil.

    Bless me each day with such a beautiful butterfly.

    michael j

  2. Phil Says:

    I have no desire for the dogs, Michael, but my mother adores them!

  3. susie & scott robertson Says:

    I love how the whole world is beautiful through your lense.

  4. pcadams Says:

    Well, most of the time it is. Sometimes it’s very dark. But it wasn’t Monday over lunch!

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