Interaction at the Columbus Zoo

Perhaps some of my favorite moments at the zoo today involved interaction between animals and humans.

And then there are the lorikeets, which one is allowed to hand feed–for a fee, of course.  Everything at the zoo costs something.

At first it seemed impossible to get one of those indolent birds to perch on my arm.  I eventually managed, nonetheless, to make it happen with my persuasive powers.

In the end, the bird decided to share a lovely gift with me as a token of its appreciation.

The staff member was quite surprised at how well I took it.  “Well, when you have a bird perched on your arm, you have to expect these things,” I replied.  Who could argue with that?

Oh well.  Not every part of every interaction is all pleasant.  And that is OK.  After all, it is what it is.  Bird poop.

Dr Dolittle 1967 Film Clip “Talk To The Animals”

Be well, and at peace,


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