Kissed By Frogtown

Our favorite Memorial Day trip is to spend time with some of our Toledo friends, so Sunday afternoon, it was time to hit the road.

Dinner with Diane, Sue and Sandy.  Terrorized steak!  Absolutely delicious.  Ice cream for dessert, of course.

The next morning, hot breakfast, and over to Sue and Sandy’s house in the Old West End.  First order of business?  Garden!

Sue, Diane and Anthony in the entry hall

It wasn’t long before I talked Sue into a duet in her well-appointed basement studio.  Even Anthony and Diane joined us as audience.

Sue showed me all her well-organized music, and let me have first pick.  My choice?

petite suite

Claude Debussy: En Bateau 4-hands

Oh, what a dream we both had…Sue fondly remembering playing that piece with Diane’s son Don years ago, and me playing it with another student whose name escapes me, while I studied with Bill Hughes at Indiana State University.  Happy memories.

Off to the Toledo Botanical Garden.

Sandy in a pensive moment

Afterward, we met Teresa at our favorite Tiger Bakery for lunch.

Teresa and Phil

Sometimes too much time passes in between visits with good friends.

And that is how I was kissed by a frog!

Be well and at peace,


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