Brunch at the Buggyworks

Today we finally cashed in on a raffle prize–an afternoon with our friends Jan and Ralph, exploring some of Columbus’ finest domestic architecture.  Not even rainy weather could dampen our outing!

My favorite part was perhaps the beginning…brunch at their Buggyworks loft apartment in the arena district, and so that is the part you get to see.  The rest you’ll just have to imagine!

brunch--bagels with lox, cream cheese and all the fixins!

Eames chair

Ralph and Jan

Anthony and Ralph discuss the finer points of the itinerary

evidence of Jan's passion for all things lemur

Frank Gehry

strategic wick placement

Thanks, Jan and Ralph, for a great afternoon.

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Brunch at the Buggyworks”

  1. contoveros Says:

    I think I would have liked to stay there, if I was you.

    michael j

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