Mirroring a Song

The weather could not have been more perfect tonight in Schiller Park, and evidently many others agreed.

the song to you
wafted through the
rustling of jackets and bookbags
and you sat a little timid
while other more bold voices
spoke their piece

and when the final notes
of the lullaby
dissipated into nothingness
and were greeted with
the hands that said
“thank you,”

our eyes finally met
and my own fear reflected back
compassion sent a smile to you
and I saw myself change
before your eyes.

~p. adams

Wiegenlied – Brahms

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Mirroring a Song”

  1. Don’t know which I liked best. The poem, the dogs or the birds.

    Maybe all are tied in nature.

    michael j

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