The Illusion of Control

Perhaps more than one person is afraid of losing control on the roads today.  For some reason, it didn’t stop me from getting out and about.

I have come to decide that in the end, there is very little in this world that we have control over, and life is quite a bit like driving in inclimate weather.  It’s best to be aware of what the car is doing at any given time, so that you can respond when needed!

“Prayer is something that happens to you (Romans 8:26-27), much more than anything you privately do. It is an allowing of the Big Self more than an assertion of the small self. Eventually you will find yourself preferring to say, “Prayer happened, and I was there” more than “I prayed today.” All you know is that you are being led, being guided, being loved, being used, being prayed through—and you are no longer in the driver’s seat.

God stops being an object of attention like any other object in the world, and becomes at some level your own “I am.” You start knowing through, with, and in Somebody Else. Your little “I Am” becomes “We Are.” Please trust me on this. It might be the most important thing I could tell you.”

Richard Rohr, from “The Naked Now”

Paul Simon Slip Slidin’ Away – Live at Abbey Road

Be well, and at peace,


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