An Early Christmas in Indiana

Back Home Again in Indiana

The day began with a long ride in the car, and then a delightful lunch with Dr. Hughes (sorry, I just can’t get used to calling you Bill!).

Thanks to the perfect gift from Mom and Dad (a new tripod–just what I wanted!), I was able to take a decent picture of the four of us after dinner in the sunroom.

Dad, Mom, David, S.B.

(Who do you think I look like the most?  Just curious…)

After dinner, Mom and I sat next to each other with an enormous box of photos, going through every one of them, as stories came out about the large Myers family.  My mother’s father’s mother was one of the sisters.  All those pictures of the Myers reunions in Deming Park were something else!

God Be With You Til We Meet Again

We always sang that at the end of each reunion on Labor Day.  Except for the last one.  I always felt that was not right.  It was as if that last reunion just kept going…

Mom and the Girls

But I can be OK with that.  After all, life just keeps going, doesn’t it?

Finally, the end of the day in Clay City with Doris and Ray.  Snacks, tea, soothing music on the stereo, lulling all three of us to sleep (especially me!).  Ray enjoyed the last piece of pecan pie (I finally figured out how to make a tender crust!).

Oh, and a Christmas present from Doris!

Isn’t it a beauty?  I told Doris, “that would make one amazing pie,” to which she replied, “you’re eating far too much pie!”  Oh, well.

I’m thankful for all the gifts of life.  Some we receive so regularly that we take them for granted.  Some are pleasant surprises clear out of the blue.  Some we wish we were never given, but learn and grow from them irregardless.

Isn’t life good?  The tears in my eyes tell me yes.

Willan: What Is This Lovely Fragrance?

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “An Early Christmas in Indiana”

  1. Hey Phil, I am replying to the question about who you look most like… Are you Adopted???? or perhaps just have the recessive genes cuz i don’t think you look like any of them… then again I don’t look like my familly either 🙂 I am seriously asking that question though… you have a beautiful family regardless of whether anyone resembles anyone else. You look very happy and that is good to see!

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