Exhibiting Restraint

There is something interesting that happens in the holding back.

restrained petals

There is a teaching by the Italian Master Giovanni Battista Lamperti.

“To sustain a given note the air should be expelled slowly; to attain this end, the respiratory (inspiratory) muscles, by continuing their action, strive to retain air in the lungs, and oppose their action to that of the expiratory muscles, which is called lotta vocale, or vocal struggle. On the retention of this equilibrium depends the just emission of the voice, and by which means of it alone can true expression be given to the sound produced.”

(A Treatise on the Art of Singing. London, 1877)

So, there is definitely benefit in not letting it all out. It is in the holding back of the energy that the tone finds its full blossoming!

Now, why this thought did not occur to me before, I’m not quite sure, but when it finally made sense, there were certain things that began to work that had never worked before.

You might want to explore the beauty that comes in the struggle!  Have you ever thought what happens when two things that apparantly oppose each other began to work in balance?  It’s almost as if the struggle ceases, and you are left there standing in silence.

Try it out, and see what happens!

tenor Giacomo LAURI-VOLPI “Meco all’alter” Bellini NORMA

Be well, and at peace,


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