No Turning Back

Today provides us with irrevokable proof that Autumn is winding down.  The oak leaves have begun to fall.








What do we do with such evidence?

Today a student of mine learned a lesson today in inference and proof.

“Well, in the end, we just don’t know, do we?”

Is there anything else to say?

Rascal Flatts Why

Be well, and at peace,


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2 Comments on “No Turning Back”

  1. The Juicer Says:

    Interesting how Grey has now infused itself in the hitherto vibrant fall colors. Winter is on its way.

  2. GreyIxia Says:

    Ooh, these are simply splendid! I love how you can see all the details in the leaves. Did you use the Macro setting? Or do you just have a really good camera?
    Today was a rainy and gloomy day–perfect for pictures–but my battery was dead and I was afraid of getting my camera wet…

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