Someone I Love

I’m wondering what you can notice about this picture of the candle flame…


Here are some things I noticed while just sitting with that:

It doesn’t look as though it has been lit for long

The wick reveals that it has been lit before

It appears small, and contained in a holder

There is no wind blowing on it

I suppose that you could go on and notice some more things about that picture, and maybe you will.

Isn’t it interesting how central to so many rituals candles and fire are.  Are you thinking about jack o-lanterns now?  Maybe candles for All Soul’s?  Maybe something else?

Tonight, someone said something powerful about a ritual.

“I do it because someone I love did it too.”

That seems to be a powerful statement about the potency of ritual, and its ability to bring the past into the present.

Have you ever thought about that?

How about your own rituals?  How did you learn to do them?  Who do they link you to, and how?

Just a thought.


Be well, and at peace,



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One Comment on “Someone I Love”

  1. harriedmystic Says:

    I too am a lover of simple ritual. Rituals condition mind and body and help us to recover what would naturally be were it not for all the unfortunate warping of the Self and soul over the years. Candles are indeed special and are used worldwide in all traditions in some fashion. I myself love incense of many fragrances. They can be transporting and mark the time as moving from ordinary to sacred: a time set apart for recovery from all our separations.

    Pax et Bonum.

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