A Fruitful Harvest

First of all, a little exercise, so that I can be a little more present.

I am noticing that my feet are quite cold, my shoulders are sore, and I have that dry-ish feeling that one gets in one’s mouth  by the time one has finished off a bowl of salted popcorn (my favorite post-orthodontic simple culinary pleasure, or so it seems!).

There.  If that was too much, I hope that you’ll forgive me.


fruitful harvest

The neighbors are quite lavish this year in their display of autumn harvest.  Seeing that picture makes me think about a thing or two…

How do we know when it’s time to harvest?

What kind of harvest are we reaping?

Gourds are really pretty, but inedible.

Pumpkins are delicious.  Most people just carve faces out of them, and stick a candle inside.

Squash are great!  Practical, easy to grow and prepare, lovely accompaniment to a variety of entrees.

There is one exception to the squash rule.  Hubbard. Large, grey, wart-encrusted, thick skinned, difficult to carve, and watery when cooked.

Why bother?

I did once just for fun, to see how things would turn out.

Long story short?  I’d rather have a pie made from pumpkin, butternut or acorn any day.

Like the “old maids” in the pan of popped corn, we eventually spit out the bits we can’t chew, and continue on with the parts worth eating.

Bulgarian Harvest Music

Be well, and at peace,


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