An Undivided Mind

All I know is that when my eye is looking through the camera lens, everything else disappears.






“What is the Tao (the way, the truth)?” asks the disciple.  “Your everyday mind,” replies the Master; and he goes on to amplify; “When I am hungry, I eat; when tired, I sleep.”  The disciple is puzzled, and asks whether this is not what everybody else does too.  No, the Master replies; most people are never wholly in what they are doing; when eating, they may be absentmindedly preoccupied with a thousand different fantasies; when sleeping, they are not sleeping.  The supreme mark of the thoroughly integrated man is to be without a divided mind (D.T. Suzuki, Zen Buddhism, Selected Writings, 1956).

Now if I can just do it without the camera.

Abstract Satori

Be well, and at peace,


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