Thirty-eight months can be a long time.



It’s funny how you can not even miss something until you are deprived of it…such was the case with popcorn!  Now that orthodontics are no longer an issue…well, let’s just say that the kitchen smelled very good this evening.  It was that familiar scent of heating oil…the waiting for the three test kernels in the pan to explode, indicating just the right temperature…then finally a frenetic shaking of the pan, and pouring the white fluffy goodness into a large stainless steel bowl, topping the whole snowy mound with a hefty shower of salt.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach!  How I thought I could consume all of that, I’ll never know…was it the recovery from the deprivation that compelled me to prepare this massive amount?  Maybe.

So, will there be popcorn in my future?  Probably.  Maybe not quite so much for one sitting.

Hamster on a Piano Eating Popcorn (I’m not kidding!)

(Elena thinks it’s time for a little play–maybe this qualifies!)

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Pop!”

  1. elena Says:

    (actually, humphrey said it)
    (btw, i’ve seen the light!)
    (hmm, i mean, the light in his eyes ;))

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