Honest Face

humphrey and s.b.

humphrey and s.b.

Sure, there may be a time in the future for flashing the pearly whites, but it’s not right now.

Now is the time for an honest face.  Maybe you’ll like that, and maybe you won’t.  You might be thinking that this is the day for turning handstands, or singing a high C.  Maybe you think it’s the day for popping the cork, and dancing a tango, or a tarantella, or some other dance beginning with the letter T.

Guess what?  Today is the day for just being.  Feel free to join me in that.

Do things turn out as you expect them?  Rarely.  Are your expectations met?  Probably not.  Do you feel let down sometimes?  Sure.

And sometimes, it’s just OK to notice that you have arrived here, and be OK with that.

Water Buddha

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Honest Face”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I love your blog. Your photos are fantastic. Some so stark others so breathtaking. Honest face is my favorite and I laughed out loud with the hamster on the piano.

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