The Lessons of Life

waiting for the message?

waiting for the message?

Today the lesson of life was all about the lessons of life. Sound confusing?  Well, that’s understandable.

Whenever I am with children, it reminds me why I am with children.  They do a much better job than adults at being there. So, being with them all day long is the easiest way for me to be in the moment, find happiness, and forget the things that don’t need to be remembered now. Such was today, only more so than usual.  I am very grateful for that synergy that seems to enliven me without even trying to do so.

Making the decision to take the evening walk alone took just a little extra effort, but the experience proved to be worth it.



Joseph Lombardo is a local artist, who sells his work at Art Access in Bexley.  I asked him about how long he had been studying.

“Well, about six years.”


“Well, I’m too years out of graduate school, so really I’ve been painting about eight…”

“And before that?”

“Well, I just made a lot of art back then!”

“That’s right.  In the school of experience.”

That’s Joseph and I.  Both students in the school of experience.  Thank you for being there, Joseph, so that we could remind each other of that.

Living in the Present Moment w Thich Nhat Hanh

Be well, and at peace,


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