Best Wishes

It’s a time of discovery now. Yesterday afternoon I gave a voice lesson to a soprano who said to me,

“I haven’t thought seriously about my voice for years.”

Somehow I could identify with that!  I’m looking forward to my own discoveries next week when I begin taking lessons again myself.

Anyway, some time after the lesson, I was flipping through my beaten-up anthology of soprano arias that I had used in the lesson.  I’ve bought a LOT of second hand music over the years, but for some reason, I had never noticed this treasure as I flipped through, and stopped on Nanetta’s aria from Fallstaff:

best wishes

There it was.  Now, of course, it’s not authenticated as an official autograph of Licia Albanese, but I have no reason to believe otherwise!

It made me think of all the great singers in the past, who studied diligently, carrying on the traditions of the great Italian masters.  Albanese was definitely one of those.

I feel a little more strengthened now to do what I am about to do!

In quelle trine morbide–Licia Albanese

Be well, and at peace,


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