Back to Familiar Surroundings

Now, that is a title for a schoolteacher the night before the first day of school!

Seriously, though, lunch hour in Westgate Park was lovely…really lovely.  The new mural by artist Curtis Goldstein, which commemorates the fallen soldiers of Camp Chase, is beautiful!





OK…confession time.  At the end of my day today, this icky feeling of I don’t want to go back to school rose up inside, like all those first days back to school after summer vacations of days long gone, and just now, the awareness of where that comes from is present.

Then there’s Westgate Park.

And somehow, it’s all right after all, and I happily look forward to greeting the children tomorrow morning–I know that they will be happy to see me too.

Just like those who view the mural, and remember, we need those tangible reminders of where we have been, to help us navigate where we are now.

Be well, and at peace,


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