Simple Pleasures Are the Best!

Nothing complicated today.  Just a recognition that life is what happens, and when we pay attention to what is happening around us, it can be pretty amazing!

Living in German Village, Columbus, Ohio is like having a really big backyard garden.  Everywhere you look–flowers!  All shapes, sizes, colors.  Windowboxes, tree plots, front yards, back yards, side yards…any yard!  Beautiful public parks full of treasures too.  There’s the tiny Frank Fetch park on the north end of the village, brimming like a jewel box that puts Margeurite’s to shame (and definitely not a trap laid by the devil!).  Taking a stroll through the Huntington Gardens in Schiller Park is like going on a magic carpet ride.

So for now, just enjoy some of the beauty of my neighborhood–with me!

purple window box

golden daisy

magnolia pod




garden gate

blue daisy

red hibiscus

Huntington I

Huntington II

Huntington III

Huntington IV

Jewel Song (from Faust) —Renata Scotto, soprano

Be well, and at peace,


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