North Carolina–Craggy Pinnacle Trail

What a week it’s been!  So many beautiful things (and people!) in North Carolina.  One of the highlights of our week was a day in the mountains.  We originally planned on hiking up Mt. Craig again this year (where we saw the strange bird last year!), but…yes, you guessed it.  Strange set of circumstances again! Oh, the rain was pouring soon after we arrived at the trail head.  In addition, neither one of us were dressed for the weather.  We got back in the car, and waited.  After a while, we drove back down the parkway, planning to head back to Asheville for lunch.  It wasn’t long before the weather was clearing up, but that’s mountain weather for you, isn’t it?  We pulled off at one overlook so that I could take some pictures, and noticed a trail head.  Time to take a hike!

trail sign

There were two young women with a dog, setting out on a hike at the same time.  We let them pass us while I took pictures along the way.

craggy path


When we reached the pinnacle, there they were, with the dog.  One of them had a camera in her hand, so we compared notes.  She really complimented my choice in cameras, and when I asked her to tell me the difference between her camera and mine, she was able to tell me with great detail.  “I only know this because I’m a writer and editor for Magic Lantern Guides.”  How fascinating was that!

“This weather up here is amazing today,” I commented, reflecting on the blustery wind and blanket of clouds surrounding us.

“That’s the Craggy Gardens experience,” she replied.

“It’s a good reminder to us that no matter how we try, there are parts of the world that simply cannot be harnessed.”



flower in the rock

Phil and Anthony in the Wind

It felt so good to be surrounded by the clouds and wind, all unbridled, all free, and to be a part of it.


Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “North Carolina–Craggy Pinnacle Trail”

  1. The Juicer Says:

    Phil, you make me long for a trek!
    Yes, to the parts of the world, yet unconquered:)

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