Telling the Story

Pictures have such an amazing ability to tell stories.  Here are a couple that you can just look at, and let them tell the story to you.  You’re invited to take as long as you like with one image before moving on to the next one, or allowing them to connect in any way that seems right.

frank fetch park



I’m actually going to tell you a story about the third picture.

“Those are beautiful zinnias!”

“Thank you.”

“Would you mind if I came and took some pictures?”

“Not at all.  Just let me get out of the flower bed so I don’t end up in the picture!”

“No need to worry.  You can stay just as you are.  I’m going to zoom in close.  I won’t put you in the picture unless you really want to.  Of course, zinnias can’t argue back, so I’ll take as many pictures of them as I like!”

(mutual laughter)

“They’re really lovely.  They actually remind me of my childhood.  We used to plant them in enormously long rows in our half-acre garden, and we’d use them as cut flowers all summer long.”

(momentary silence)

“Oh, what a lovely thought.”

“Thank you for sharing with me.”

(exchanged smiles).

It is a remarkable experience, the telling of the story, which brings forth the common ground, and causes new ideas to grow in both of us.  If you’re looking for a way to be peace to the world, maybe you could do that.

Flower Stories 1975 – Perforemed By Shahriar – آهنگ کارتون خپل باغ گلها

“Childhood memories are the purest moments of our lives.”


Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Telling the Story”

  1. The Juicer Says:

    Lovely thought there Strange Bird. Sometimes, random conversations stay with us for quite a while!

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