Too Fast!


It was just too fast.

The conditions were not ideal, either.  Windy.  Late in the day, with not great light (sunlight would have created the iridescent colors).  We must have seen at least six of them in the gardens at Schiller Park tonight.  We waited…and waited…and then they appeared everywhere, as if to pop into our vision out of nowhere. Be careful, though!  Freeze-framing something that is so fast can be tricky work!

In the end, what you may end up with is a green blur.  It may not look like a hummingbird.  But something tells me it was there…

El Colibri-Nikola Starcevic

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Too Fast!”

  1. The Juicer Says:

    Heh, too fast it sure it! 🙂
    But I like this shot- the abstract quality about it pulls me in.

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