Organize Your Thoughts

Today reminded me of this…

My Brain Is Full

It wasn’t long after lunch, that thoughts had to shift to the kitchen (thank heavens!) to the preparation of a delicious Coq au Vin straight from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, V. 1. Anthony found it quite ridiculous that I followed the recipe to the letter (with the exception of not having pearl onions–oh, well), and I just said to him,

“You know I’m a baker.  That’s what we do!”

Of course, I did make little modifications here and there, because that is a differentiation between baking and cooking that is necessary.  A propos to a conversation with my friend John today, discussing what he does in regards to modeling, and making distinctions between what is important, and what is not, in the realm of science.  He had me completely mesmerized when he held up his cell phone and said, “it is impossible for me to make another phone just like this.  However, I can figure out what elements are essential that influence how this phone operates, and what elements make no difference whatsoever in the operation of this phone.”  It actually reminded me a lot of the kind of work Bandler and Grinder did in the 70’s in regards to modeling Erickson, Perls and Satir, although their modeling was much more subjective than what a scientist might do.

After dinner, I started thinking about organizing my thoughts, and began to use a program that John recommended called Freemind. I found it quite easy to manipulate at the technical level, but quickly discovered that the issue was knowing just how all of the ideas in my head connected together.  I think I may need a more flexible structure than this to help me do the job.  I’m actually thinking about creating paper shapes and connecting them with strings of yarn on the dining room table, just to be able to make it all work, and then take a photo of it.  Hey!  Not a half bad idea…

Here are some photographic representations of organizational models, while we’re at it.





winding path

Everything in its right place

Be well, and at peace,


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