Just Around the Corner

Isn’t the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright amazing?  Last night we watched a special on PBS about the Westcott House in Springfield (a very short drive from Columbus).  Wright considered this home to be one of the most important pieces of work he did in his life.  It’s his only Prairie Style house in the state of Ohio.

Eyes Wide Open: Westcott House

Wright is well known for creating a sense of discovery in his architecture, and the Westcott House is no exception.  We know, because we’ve taken the time to visit!

Today, as we entered our secret garden, we noticed a similar sense of discovery, as you turn the corner where the grape arbor is, and see this!



There are other colors as well, but this is the one that presently predominates.  Visitors who simply walk through the gate without taking time to peek around the corner don’t receive that pleasure.  And, there are other feasts for the eye in the garden, but the discovery that comes in that part is more than remarkable right now.

So, the next time you walk through a gate, don’t just go right up to the door!  Take a look just around the corner, and see what there is to see…

DALIDA–Le temps des fleurs

The tribute to Dalida in Montmartre

The tribute to Dalida in Montmartre

dalida plaque


Be well, and at peace,


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