red daylily

Strange Bird's Own 4th of July Firecracker!

Things have been rather out of sorts since we came back home…

…as someone recently said to me,

“It’s not easy coming back from Paris.”

To top it off has been the issue of the upper respiratory infection, and the music/neuroscience project (which I feel is getting nowhere, but that is the way Anthony says things are with research, and how would I know, anyway?).

So, I could continue to post pretty pictures of Paris, or come back to reality.  Believe me, the fantasy could live for a long time, with the number of photos I took!

Maybe I will indulge in fantasy another day, but for today, I choose to be here.

And this one has no purpose other than to remind me where I am, and to make us laugh.


Now, don’t ask, but ain’t she a beaut’?  There she was, tossed to the alley, on the way to the grocery store.  She put a little smile on my face.  I hope she does the same for you.

Here and now can be just fine.

Semper Fidelis (cracks me up!)

Be well, and at peace,


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