Photo Essay: A Day in Giverny

More than one person have asked about photos from France.  I thought I would start out with one of my favorite parts of the trip–our day in Giverny.  Special thanks to my friend Stephen who suggested we go.  You were absolutely right.  I don’t know if I enjoyed it more than most, but I certainly did enjoy it!

I still don’t know what happened that day…and there was something amazing about that place, the light, the color, everything…it was as though wherever one pointed the camera, one painted a picture.

Anthony and I with our friend Huguette Chataux

Anthony and I with our friend Huguette Chataux

brilliant roses



field red and blue


garden and sky

giverny sky

house tree and sky


pale pink rose

poppy field

poppy pink

red poppy

roses and sky




yellow daisy

water lily trio

single yellow water lily

Monet's Dream

Monet's Dream

What magic!

Debussy–La danse de Puck

Be well, and at peace,


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2 Comments on “Photo Essay: A Day in Giverny”

  1. cherokeebydesign Says:

    Great pics….I think I liked the goat the best.


  2. Elizabeth Lorenzen Says:

    I can’t believe that someone had to suggest to you to go!!

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