Inside Out

campanulas bloom in the secret garden

campanulas bloom in the secret garden

One of the nice things about going away on a trip is coming back home to something familiar.  That’s right!

This morning, it was Mozart on the iPod, and fingers in the soil.

Mozart–Piano concerto in C major, KV 503 (Geza Anda)

When you begin a project, have you ever noticed how and where you chose to start? This morning, the work began not out where all the neighbors can see, but the most remote corner behind the magnolia, among the impatiens.  In fact, it never went any further than the inside of the garden walls this morning.

Sometimes it just goes that way.

It’s OK to approach a task from a different direction, isn’t it?  The part everyone can see on the other side of the fence can wait a while…

Be well, and at peace,


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2 Comments on “Inside Out”

  1. Teresa Says:

    How was your trip to Ohio?

  2. Teresa Says:

    Oh…… didn;t go to Ohio…you were in PARIS wow!!!!! It looked amazing. Thanks for the Mozart.

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