Paris, Day…Oh, I’ve lost count!

Time has become rather fluid, but I do know that tomorrow will be our return voyage to Ohio.

Today we spent quite a bit of time in the Rodin Museum.  One of my favorite moments was watching a group of children creating pencil sketches of a sculpture.

Paris 018

I can easily identify with the frustration of capturing three dimensions into two.

The teacher asked a student if he could more closely inspect her work.  She gave it to him, and he held it closer to his face as he silently scrutinized for a bit.

(thank you Anthony, for the following translation)

“Ah, yes,” he said, “don’t worry if you do not get the arms just right.  Rodin himself often had the very same experience that you are.  He often did not get them quite right in his sketches.”

He handed the work back to the student, and she set back to work, carefully, diligently gazing at the sculpture.

After Anthony recounted this story to me, I was quite moved.  I recounted it over and over in my mind, as time passed, and I worked at my own two-dimensional representations.  I thought, “what a world of possibilities that teacher opened up to those students!”  His careful choice of words put those children in the prime position to identify with the greatness of Rodin.

Paris 019

Paris 021

Paris 024

It’s nice to witness the blooming of something beautiful, isn’t it?

Paris 023

Be well, and at peace,


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