Paris, Day Three: Life on a Grand Scale

Today seemed all about wide open spaces!  After breakfast at a café on the Bastille, we perused the open market in our neighborhood, on the Boulevard Richard Lenoir.  Anthony had one purchase in mind, in particular: fennel.  We also found a pair of salt and pepper shakers to take home with us as souveniers (no, they are not shaped like the Arc de Triomphe and La Tour Eiffel).  We then hopped on the metro to meet Anthony’s godson Maxime, and Maxime’s sister Sophie, for lunch in a tiny quartier near the Place Monge.  Lunch was simple and delicious, traditional French food.  The best part was the company!

Maxime et Sophie

Maxime et Sophie

Following lunch, the four of us strolled over to the Pantheon, and spent a lot of time discussing the murals of St. Genevieve, patroness of Paris, as well as the statues and the tombs down in the crypt.  Well worth the visit.  Oh, and don’t forget Foucault’s pendulum!

We bid a lovely à bientôt to Sophie and Maxime, and as they went off to their bus stop, we headed towards the Jardin du Luxembourg.  Beautiful, formal, and yet it seemed to be the place where everyone comes to relax.  We had a lot of fun people-watching, as well as enjoying the sculptures, shrubbery and flowers.

Shortly after we left the gardens, we fairly stumbled on St. Sulpice–once you get near it, you can’t really miss it!  Here is a photo to give you a little idea of the scale of it.  It really is just about as grand as any church I’ve seen, and yet very somber.

Paris 007

Top it off with a delightful high school orchestra concert, and some fancy dessert from the pastry shop.  You’ve got a day on a really grand scale!

Beverly Sills – Toi! vous! N’est-ce plus ma main! – Manon

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Paris, Day Three: Life on a Grand Scale”

  1. viktoryian Says:

    Sounds like a great day!
    I haven´t been in Paris yet.. Is it really that beautiful and romantic? Hope to see it one day. 😉

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