Paris, Enfin!

We are here, finally!  Paris!  I can’t believe it!

After a 24 hour delay leaving Port Columbus, our flights out Monday went off without a hitch.  Here are some highlights for you thus far:

On the flight to Paris, we met a fascinating Wagnerian opera singer named Romayne Beard.  She lives half the year in Virginia, and half the year in Paris.  How romantic!  More about her later, because we hope to have dinner with her one night.

Today, after settling into our hotel, we walked to the Place des Vosges, and had coffee and a delicious pain au chocolat at Ma Bourgogne. As a surprise, we just came upon The Church of St. Paul, spacious, elegant, and complete with Cavaille-Coll organ!  Following that was extremely crowded but nevertheless breathtaking Notre Dame de Paris.  It was funny–every so often a voice came over the P.A., and said “shhh…” followed by something I could not understand.  Anthony interpreted:

“Remember where you are.” As if we could forget!

On our way to lunch at Chez Reneé, once again we stumbled on another gem–St. Nicolas du Chardonnett. This is a parish of historic significance, where the Tridentene mass was celebrated by the followers of Lefebre, until they were legitimately welcomed back into the church by John Paul II.  We happened to walk in just as daily mass was ending.  All I can say is that between the language and the cultural difference of the Tridentine liturgy, I definitely was not sure of what was going on!

Lunch at Chez Reneé–old fashioned and delicious.  A bargain!  Great service.  Delicious food.  Dining in the open air.  Who could ask for anything more?

After lunch, I pretty much gave out, surrendering to the ravages of jet lag.  After a catnap, I caught my second wind, and we went grocery shopping for dinner.  Let’s just say that I never wanted to leave the cheese shop!  I finally think I know what heaven will smell like.  All musty, creamy and tangy, like the aroma of at least a hundred or so cheeses all mingling their luscious essence with each other.

Anthony is cooking dinner as we speak–pan fried trout, tomatoes and zucchini, and of course baguette and two kinds of cheese–a lovely chevre, and a roquefort that the cheesemonger convinced us is much better than what we can get in the states!

Off we go now, to an organ concert at Notre Dame!  Much more later, I am sure.

Paris 001

It really is true…it’s as though she is floating in the middle of the Seine…

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Paris, Enfin!”

  1. Cosby Mann Says:

    Give my best to Romayne as and when you have dinner. Always had the hots for her when she and I were at the U of Cincinnati circa 1968. Real babe. Long black hair, chiseled face (she told me she was part Cherokee)

    She attacked me (I did not resist) on the couch in the women dorm lobby. But she was in real demand and I lost her to …who knows. Always carried a torch OK, would you believe an occasional candle, alright–a match.

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