The Deconstruction of…

a sky?

a sky?

No, not that.

a look?

a look?

No, not even that, although I’m not half bad at that.

a pie?

a pie?

Oh, yeah.  It was that.

It was dinner tonight at the Black Creek Bistro, celebrating the culmination of yet another school year.  Without divulging too much about the menu and our choices, let’s just say that it reminded me a lot of the food of my childhood.  We’ll leave it at that.

And then there was dessert.  Deconstructed Coconut Cream Pie.

Can we all just forget that postmodernism ever existed?

Sadly enough, perhaps not.  It’s everywhere, even on my dessert plate.  Frank Gehry in edible form.

So, as my fork established points of dissection for a gelatinous mound of pale yellow, I contemplated how many passes through the ribbons of sauce I could actually get away with before Anthony gave me a furtive glance.  The beginning of wisdom against always taking things apart and putting them back together slowly came to me as tines met teeth.

Maybe I can just leave things the way they are…

…then again…

…two words come to mind: ambivalent, and tenacious.

Feel free to take that however you wish!

Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ (even organs can be deconstructed!)

Be well, and at peace,


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