When is it done?

Saturday morning I was working in the garden.  Oh, heaven!  I have been waiting for time enough to do that for a long while now.

some never seem to be done working!

some never seem to be done working!

open for business just this morning!

open for business just this morning

While I was working, the thought arose,

“How do we know when we’re done?”

Of course, as long as I have this around, my work (like Mister Bumblebee’s) is never done!



So Saturday morning, there I was, working in the garden, among the bachelor’s buttons, and lilies, and roses, and bindweed…thinking about what it was like to be done.

Here’s an answer for you…

Clean Lines

Last summer
when the hands would work
the mind would constantly
“are we done yet?”
and find points of distraction
that weren’t really there.

This summer
the foot steps into the garden
and the deep breath
reminds the mind
that everything else
can go on the shelf
for a while.

As the fingers work
and work
and work
the ears are listening
to the clean lines of Palestrina
while the eyes seek to match
and make the work of the gardener
to be as good as Giovanni’s.

When all is said and done
the foot steps back
the eye gazes past
the spot of soil right there
and the mind says
“that is a well-tended garden.”

~P. Adams



Not quite sure yet…

Missa Papae Marcelli-Gloria (Palestrina)

Be well, and at peace,


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