Capturing Satisfaction

Last evening was great for taking beautiful pictures in the neighborhood.  There was one picture, though, that took me totally by surprise.

Recently, I have been wanting to get more practice at taking pictures of people.  Just yesterday I had asked a fellow amateur photographer,  “do you ever just ask strangers if you can take their picture?”  She replied that she did, and some people say yes, while others decline.

Tonight as we were walking near the pond in Schiller Park, I noticed the usual group of people fishing at the bank.  As we walked by, a woman said to me, “hey, he caught a big catfish.  You wanna take a picture of it?”  Of course, you know my reply!  As I stepped over to the bank, the proud fisherman said, “you want my picture?”  I didn’t even have to ask…

big catch

In case you were wondering what satisfaction looks like…now you know.  Oh, and there was satisfaction on the other end of the lens as well.

Gone Fishin’ (Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby)

Be well, and at peace,


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