Color a Pretty Picture!

Tonight I officially bring together my childlike playfulness and adult discipline, in one fascinating act:

color brain

Actually, when I was young, I felt as though my coloring was often criticized.  I hereby announce that I will not listen to the critical voices about my coloring this time around!  I’m about to color a beautiful picture…

This is my crazy (or maybe not-so-crazy) idea of acquainting myself with my brain, and brains in general, as important background information for my summer independent study on neuroscience and music pedagogy.  I’ll let you know how that goes!  In the meantime, there’s definitely fun to be had, coloring inside and outside the lines at the same time!

Today I was teaching a seven year old boy who was coloring a listening map that went with a composition by Vaughan Williams.  He was a little disappointed in himself that he “messed up” one part of his map by using one color, and then noticing that he really intended to use another.  I showed him how to make both colors belong, and in the end he was proudly holding up his listening map with the fancy two-tone rubber spatulas (well, the composition was the “March Past of the Kitchen Utensils,” after all!).

Oh, that we could all see that everything belongs…

English Folk Song Suite (Vaughan Williams)

Be well, and at peace,


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