Where Did It Go?


Sometimes an entry starts with a photo, and moves to words, and then to music.  Or sometimes it starts with the words, and just the right photo appears, and a tune can pop into awareness.  Then, sometimes it’s the music that comes first.

Tonight it’s the photo.

If you look at it for a while, it’s as though the clouds begin to move, and the building stays still.  That made me think.

Neither one will be around for ever.

This is a now vacant building in my neighborhood.  I’m sure when it was built, it was thought of as a magnificent tribute to education.  Who knows what will become of it now?

Can we accept that now?  It’s really not that different from the cloud, is it?

How are we different?  How are we the same?  As the building?  The cloud?

The illusion that the mountain will always be there is simply that.  Bit by bit it is swept away.  We only don’t notice it until one day, someone says,

“where did the mountain go?”

But valleys and plains are OK too…


Be well, and at peace,


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