a somewhat lonely corner

a somewhat lonely corner

Some of you know that my spinet harpsichord is in the shop, maybe for a while!  I trust the capable hands that are going to restore it to good health.

So, the plucking corner is a little empty right now–just the Paraguayan folk harp, and the harpsichord bench.

Today, I told my friend Carol,

“What’s going on in me is a lot like making music on a harpsichord.  A strange feeling comes as the finger presses some weight into the key; then there’s a little resistance, a release, and then beautiful music comes out!”

Lots of people don’t know what that feels like.  They’ve only played pianos or organs.  Playing a harpsichord is a very different thing. It’s sort of like being suspended in space, and it’s very crunchy, which I like a lot!  Harpsichord has that lovely, crisp sound that can’t be achieved any other way.

So, I wait in hope for my little Z-Spinet to come back home.


In the meantime…

La Partida

Be well, and at peace,


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