Being a Mirror

evening shadows of sounds that waft in a breeze across my face

evening shadows of sounds that waft in a delicate breeze across my

Sometimes, just being there is enough.

Carl Rogers believed in the power of just being there, with empathy.  Here’s what conditions he said were necessary for therapeutic personality change to take place:

1. Two persons are in psychological contact.

2. The first, whom we shall term the client, is in a state of incongruence, being vulnerable or anxious.

3. The second person, whom we shall term the therapist, is congruent or integrated in the relationship.

4. The therapist experiences unconditional positive regard for the client.

5. The therapist experiences an empathic understanding of the client’s internal frame of reference and endeavors to communicate this experience to the client.

6. The communication to the client of the ther­apist’s empathic understanding and unconditional positive regard is to a minimal de­gree achieved.

If you can imagine for a minute what might happen if such a situation were to be found more often, then you might see something new!

There’s a lot of power in someone just saying now, “I understand you,” and meaning it.


I’ll Be Your Mirror (5th Grade Choir, PS22) (if you do nothing else, listen to this inspiring clip, guaranteed to warm your heart with its authenticity)


Please put down your hands…

Be well, and at peace,


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