All Mixed Up

Magnolia and Cherry

thanks to yesterday's storm

Yesterday I was speaking with a class of fifth graders about the impending state tests which start today.  One student said,

“I really don’t know how to feel about the test.”

My response?

“I don’t think you’re alone.  It’s quite common to have mixed feelings about things like that.”

I left it simply at that.

While other children in the room clearly expressed their feelings of confidence, apprehension, fear, and even nausea, I listened, well knowing that I sat in the place of that other student who was feeling all mixed up.

So today, life does not seem so simple.  Conflicting feelings often coexist in the same space.  Today, somebody will have an opportunity to pass judgment, make a calculation, assess a situation, assess their own situation…and when we do, we can remember that things don’t have to be so clearly defined for us, and we can just sit with those feelings now.

Clarence Bucaro–‘Til a Spring Wind Blows Again

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “All Mixed Up”

  1. teresatayag Says:

    How true! It’s disconcerting when this happens, but just have to wait it out until it sorts itself out. I hate tests, though! I feel that they really do not measure (what are they supposed to be measuring?) fairly. Some kids are just not great with tests, but may be very smart. …And then they get an inaccurate picture of their capabilities and potential. Please don’t get me started on tests ….

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