Last week, I had given up hope.

I placed my order for another Sombreuil at Vintage Gardens. And then, as if on cue, somebody had something to say about that!


A wise man once told me not too long ago,

Most of the “miracles” I have witnessed or helped to happen occurred fairly fast.  Basically, when a person begins to perceive their life in a new and different way (post-miracle) it becomes almost impossible to return to the old images and feelings.  Yet, we are all different — slow miracles are good, too.  Since I believe in miracles, I need not specify how fast they should or can occur.  You are experiencing your own miracle, and may it lead you to
the happiness you are capable of.  Take your time, and if it happens that my voice may accompany you on your journey that would be pleasing to me.  So, I’ll add my thoughts and prayers for you.”

We can just let our miracles happen when they happen, and not worry about when.  Patience, and it will come.

I look forward to white blossoms to share with you all this summer.

King’s College Choir–Haec dies (Byrd)

Rejoice and be glad!

Be well, and at peace,


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