Finding Space

Today at school it was fun with the mountain dulcimer!  It’s really lovely, and came to me secondhand via Ebay.


The what do you notice game is always fun to play with every grade level, because the children pull out the stuff that is meaningful to them, and then a good teacher can structure learning on that.


That can be applied in all sorts of ways!

We talked about lots of different things.  Thickness, tension, length, pitch.  We talked about how waves that are synchronized reinforce each other, and those that aren’t create interference. When I was demonstrating this by tightening a string, one astute child said, “don’t tighten it too much!” “Oh, yes,” I replied, “everything has its breaking point.”

Those two melody strings are nice and close together, so close that they nearly touch. Sometimes, though, it’s good to create space, like the drone strings have.

Good teachers hardly ever teach one thing at a time. After all, life is lots of things all at once!

After a bit of Farewell to Tarwathie, and some other tunes that the children know all too well, it’s time for Mr. Adams to say farewell as well.  But not before a lot of life lessons.

Jean Ritchie–Shady Grove

Be well, and at peace,


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