Meeting Someone Where They Are

I heard the most amazing story today from someone who was able to help another person do something for herself that nobody else could convince her to do.  Suspecting what the answer would be, I asked her anyway,

“How did you do it?”

“Well,” she said, “I just sat down next to her, and said, ‘there must be something that the two of us can do for you that is going to help you feel good.’ Then we simply did it.”

I smiled inside as she told the story of entering that woman’s reality, accepting it, and then showing her that moving out of that reality was what she really wanted.

Pacing and Leading

Now, I don’t think that this friend of mine has even heard of NLP (I didn’t bother asking), but I don’t think it mattered.  She was just using what works!  What really works, though, is a particular attitude that she has towards all her clients.

“I love them.  All of them.”


And when that happens, you can just imagine the person’s beauty unfolding like a blossom in spring!

Handel–Lift Up Your Heads

Be well, and at peace,


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