Paradox, or Balance?

Or both.

Here are some neighborhood friends doing their balancing act.



A friend of mine calls students “little teachers.”  Now, isn’t that the truth! Today the little teachers were doing what little teachers do.  That’s right!

While the “big teacher” was trying to teach spontaneity, he noticed that another teacher was teaching strategic planning. The two venues were music class (working on improvisation skills on the recorder) and chess club.

What a lesson the big teacher learned from the little teachers today.  First of all, both skills are equally important–thinking quickly on your feet, and slowly and carefully planning things out.

Just start thinking when you can use those skills!

Oh, and at the end of the day?

Little Teacher: Hey, Mr. Adams–do you think you’ll come to chess club next week?

Big Teacher: I just might.  Why?  Would you like to play me?

Little Teacher: Yeah.

Big Teacher: (smiles in silence)

That was the real lesson.  The big teacher needs more balance.

Balance-Sara Tavares


Be well, and at peace,


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