You know what that means…

Today, after I was home from work, we walked to our neighborhood library to pick up a book I had on interlibrary loan.  Happily, we encountered this!


According to the old wive’s tale, we have three more snows, now that the forsythia has bloomed, and then spring is here!

However, the vernal equinox (isn’t it fun to say that!) is Friday, March 20th, at 7:44 a.m., Eastern Time.

That’s the funny thing about beliefs.  Sometimes they don’t make much sense, do they?

Well, you may choose to wait for the snow.  You may spring out of bed today and greet the new life!  The choice is really yours, is it not?

Oh, and the book?  In case you were curious…

Hypnotic Realities.  Also in the trilogy are Hypnotherapy (I’ve finished it) and Experiencing Hypnosis (still working my way through).  Excellent stuff.  Some of Erickson’s followers have built on his work in a variety of ways, but the foundations of his communication skills in facilitating therapeutic change, demonstrated in these works is nothing short of amazing.  Like I said, excellent stuff.

…oh, where was I?  Ah, yes.  Spring!

When I boarded during graduate school in Bloomington, Indiana, an elderly woman by the name of Inga Christini lived across the street.  We would be out in the front yard, enjoying all the life popping out of the moist ground, and there stood Inga, mucking about in her boots and coat.  I’ll never forget her three short words, and what a giggle she gave us with them.

“I hate spring.”

That was Inga.

As I said earlier, you are free to choose when to celebrate.  How about right now?

Voices of Spring (Strauss)–Kathleen Battle

Be well, and at peace,


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